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Why Me?

"He is a task oriented and focused producer that gives all he has to the project at hand. Tyler gets the job done! "

Marshall Nord - President of Shorts Entertainment Network

Producer Reel

Check out the highlights from the shows I have produced.

It is not just a collection of my works...

It is my story!


- Marshall Nord (President – Shorts Entertainment Network)

Tyler is a trusted producer at Halogen TV. If it involves travel and a camera – Tyler is your guy to create a compelling story. He has traveled around the globe producing series for Halogen and is as valuable in-house as well as out. He gets the job done as he is a task oriented and focused producer giving all he has to the project at hand. Tyler would be a valuable asset to any programming or production team.

- Brian Conlon (VP, Worldwide Acquisitions – Mance Media)

Tyler Garnett is a guy that you want to run your set. He brings a ton of experience and knowledge to each show. He has produced shows in the US and overseas. His international experience is a huge plus to any company. Tyler is a team player always willing to do what it takes to get a show in the can. I’ve worked with Tyler for three years now and have no hesitation to recommend him for your team.

- Jeffrey Willerth (Owner – Erthbound Entertainment)

I spent four months working in close proximity with Tyler. Real close. We drove cross country shooting “Roadworthy” for HalogenTV. I can say that after decades in the business, I’d never had an opportunity to create quality programming under such conditions! Tyler nocked it out of the park every day and mastered a wonderful series. Bottom line: Tyler Garnett delivers.

- Allen Watts (Owner – Eleven Mass Media)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tyler in various capacities for over three years. He is an accomplished reality TV producer with a wealth of experience. I’ve witnessed Tyler work in all levels of production. He is a well respected leader, but he’s also not afraid to step in when necessary and assist the project through to completion. This was most evident during the launch of Halogen, a network he helped create.
Of his many skills, the trait I appreciate most in Tyler is reliability. Whether it is a one-off task or an entire series, he is someone that I can trust to get it done, and done well.
I have to say I’ve also enjoyed his sense of humor along the way. Tyler isn’t one to lose his composure, even when those around him are losing theirs. This ability to keep a level head in difficult situations, combined with his broad set of skills and knowledge makes him a confident and competent producer.
Tyler has earned my trust and respect, I recommend him unequivocally as a senior/executive producer.



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My Services


Field Producer


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Contact Me

5016 B Strawberry Hill Drive
Charlotte, NC 28211

E-Mail: tyler@tylergarnett.com
Phone: 704.699.7994

Television Producer

Reliable: I meet deadlines and come under budget every time.

Resourceful: I can bring your story to life in the face of any adversity.

Cost Effective: smaller crew same production value.

Seasoned: I've navigated terrains and cultures in 38 countries. Fuel up the jet!

Storyteller: I find depth of character, conflict and redemption even in the mundane.

Award winner: 3 time Emmy nominated, Silver Telly, member of the Academy.

Team-oriented: collaboration is a must.


- Three Time Emmy Nominated
- Silver Telly Award Winner
- Academy of Arts and Television Member

I have over 10 years of experience working in the television and film industry with studios and networks like Warner Brothers, PBS, the Discovery Channel, MTV, ABC, and Halogen TV. While I was a producer with Halogen TV I traveled the world producing and shooting TV series in Africa, Asia, South America, and of course here at in the US. Three series I've produced have been nominated for Mid-South Emmy Awards which demonstrates my knowledge of story and character.

I have spent the last five years producing reality TV shows with topics ranging from sex trafficking, child soldiers, change in Africa, to people their dreams and purpose in life. Five years ago I helped launch a national television network called Halogen. Our tag line was “be the change”. We cared about making television that was socially conscious and that empowered people to get off the couch and get involved.

During my time at Halogen TV, I produced six series (65 episodes) from concept to completion, and I was in the field with each one of these series. These shows took me all over the world. In Tainted Love, I traveled to India, Thailand, and Cambodia where I shot and produced four seasons. I also traveled from Puerto Rico to Tobago shooting and producing an action packed surf show for Surf Life. I've covered Africa from top to bottom and trekked across the US. I have never been over budget on any show, and I have always delivered the final product on time.




Reality Television
- Series / Episodes

- Series / Episode

Web Content Video

Broadcast TV Commercials


Photography Reel

This is a sample of the photographs that I have taken all over the world, 38 countries and counting.

A photograph is worth a thousand words. It can tell you about someone's entire life in one instant.

In a nut shell

In a nut shell

The shows and projects that bring me the most joy are the ones where I travel around the world telling the stories of survivors, volunteers, and unknown heroes. Those who have lived through some of the most tragic and trying circumstances, and yet continue to have hope.

Accomplishments and Qualifications

- 3 Time Emmy Nominated
- Silver Addy Winner
- Member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences


10 years of experience working on over 100 productions in the television and film industry with studios and networks like Warner Brothers, PBS, the Discovery Channel, MTV, ABC, Halogen TV, and the Speed Channel, on projects as diverse as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, One Tree Hill, and the MTV Music Awards.

Having been a key player in the ofificial launching of Halogen TV and a crucial part of the creative team that established the Halogen brand, I am knowledgeable of the cable television market, demographics and competitive programming.

Over 4 years of television network producing experience and being involved in all aspects of the creative process: creating and maintaining the show’s budget, pre-production, production, post-production and final delivery to the network. Produced 65 episodes on 6 series.

Experience working in conjunction with the marketing and PR departments to effectively use social media to promote original programming and engage viewers as they experience shows. By the second episode of Roadworthy: The Invisible Children Tour its Facebook page had reached 16,000 friends.

Experience managing international productions teams in over 15 countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, India, Mozambique, Uganda, and South Africa.

Causes you care about:
Civil Rights and Social Action
Economic Empowerment
Human Rights
Disaster and Humanitarian Relief
Poverty Alleviation
Stopping Human Trafficking
Organizations you support:
Amnesty International
World Vision
Samaritan's Purse
Campus Crusade for Christ
Epilepsy Foundation

Series Description

Roadworthy: The Invisible Children Tour - (10 Episodes)
Emmy Nominated
Series follows six “Roadies” (four Americans and two Ugandans) as they travel by van working on raising awareness about the longest running war in Africa. I traveled to Uganda and spent four months on the road traveling from San Diego to New England with the team of Roadies.

Surf Life - (6 Episodes)
Series follows professional surfer Hagan Kelly as
he travels looking for secret hotspots and meets other surfers who are giving back to the community. I was on location in the British Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico and California.

Tainted Love - (31 Episodes)
Emmy Nominated, Silver Telly Award
Series tells true stories of victims of sex trafficking: how they were sold into it, what their lives were like and how they escaped. I was on location for all the international shoots traveling to India, Cambodia and Thailand. (31 Episodes)

Noble Exchange - (13 Episodes)
Emmy Nominated, Bronze Telly Award
Series explores what insights the West can
gain from Africa by profiling entrepreneurs who are changing the world around them. I was on location for two months traveling from Mozambique to Morocco.

Short Sighted - (5 Episodes)
Host Jason Yachanin highlights different short films each week while he visits off-the-beaten path establishments and interviews writers, directors and other professionals from the filmmaking field.

Slave Hunter - (Pilot)
Show follows James Varghese, a veteran slave hunter as he and his team gather intelligence needed to successfully rescue under age sex slaves from brothels.

Professional Bio

I am a producer who has been focusing on making television that inspires people to "be the change". For the last 5 years I produced socially-conscious television for Halogen TV (now called Pivot TV), and was one of the original team members that launched the Network in 2008. Since the network’s inception, I have produced 65 shows, throughout 6 different series bringing attention to various national and international human rights issues including the civil war in Uganda, domestic and international sex trafficking, and modern day slavery.

I have been involved in every aspect of production: from initial creative and budget through mastering. Working within budget constraints I have had to be hands on at all levels including shooting and editing. I am also no stranger to coming on board of a project during production and taking the show through post production.

One of my defining traits is that I am a world traveler who enjoys working overseas and adding to my growing list of countries visited (currently at 38). Thanks to my vast traveling experience, I have managed the production team abroad for every single international shoot for Halogen. I have been on location as a producer and shooter in over 15 countries like Thailand, Cambodia and India, and even trekked most of Africa traveling from Mozambique to Morocco for a period of two months to produce Noble Exchange, Halogen’s first original and Emmy nominated series.

I have worked my way up in the television and film industries over the past ten years. I have worked with studios and networks that include: Warner Brothers, PBS, the Discovery Channel, MTV, ABC, and the Speed Channel, on projects as diverse as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, One Tree Hill, and the MTV Music Awards.